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ECE Careers I & II Equivalency


What does it mean?

As a high school student you have your choice of electives. The Early Childhood Education Careers elective has two components: ECEC I and II. If you choose this elective and complete both of these courses with a grade of ‘B’ or above then you are eligible to receive a certificate from TECTA that confirms that you also meet the standards of the TECTA Center-Based Orientation class.

Normally individuals must complete the 30-hour Orientation class while working in a licensed child care program to receive their TECTA Certificate of Completion. But, because the ECE Careers classes contain an amount of information and training equivalent to the Center-Based Orientation class you qualify to receive a TECTA Certificate of Completion after completing ECEC I and II with a ‘B’ or above. This means that you are eligible for tuition support from TECTA for college coursework in the field of Early Childhood Education beginning your first year of college at any of the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) community colleges and universities.

To apply send a completed TECTA Center-Based Orientation/ECE Careers I & II Application with a copy of your high school transcript to:

Attn: Ms. Lisa Walsh

Tennessee Early Childhood Training Alliance

Tennessee State University

3500 John A. Merritt Blvd, Box 9500

Nashville, TN 37209

Fax: 615-277-1686

Phone: 615-277-1687


 Click on the link to download the HSE Application.


What is so great about TECTA orientation?


    • It provides an introduction to professional child care in Tennessee


    • It is a “gateway” to Higher Education


    • It provides opportunities for leadership


    • It includes the entire state of Tennessee


For more information, please visit TECTA Orientation.

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